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Bali Bangli Kintamani

Layers of chocolate!


Honduras Ruta del Cafe

Excellent as an espresso!

Why Choose Our Coffee?

Training in action in Tanzania with the Coffee Kids

Training in action in Tanzania with the Coffee Kids

Be Authentic

"Let things taste the way they are".  -- Alice Waters    

A great cup of coffee begins at the source.  Here at Blue Lava Coffee Roasters, we work with our partners to procure coffee from the most stunning regions all over the world.  Then we stay true to the region -and the farmers that harvest this coffee- with deep artisan roasts that are authentic and taste as delightful as the regions are beautiful.


Be Kind

“It’s ironic that those who till the soil, cultivate and harvest the fruits, vegetables, and other foods that fill your tables with abundance have nothing left for themselves.”  -- Cesar Chavez

And just as the source of our coffee is important to us, so is sustaining the regions -and developing the people- it comes from.  That's why our promise is to only work with partners that are fair, transparent and responsible in their treatment of the farmers in these regions.  And it's also why we have committed to donate a portion of our profits to Coffee Kids, an organization that, "works with the next generation of coffee farmers to realize their full potential."