Colombia Honey Process Emilio Chasoiy

Colombia Honey Process Emilio Chasoiy


This honey processed Buesaco coffee comes from a nearby indigenous region called Aponte. The people of this region are of the Inga ethnic group, and are the northern-most group that are related to the Inca. Farmers in Aponte and the surrounding veredas are honey processing due in part to a previous buyer in this region who paid a premium for the practice. The buyer has since left the area, but the practice has not. In honey processing the skin is removed but the mucilage is left on the seed to dry.  It is the sticky texture and the golden amber color of the mucilage reminiscent of honey that led coffee producers to name this method the honey process. Some of the most exciting flavors and aromas of great coffee are created during the fermentation of pectin and sugars found in the mucilage.  The honey process capitalizes on this stage and imparts unique flavors which leave a remarkable taste.  Our roast roasting brings on a delicious Mexican cocoa flavor replete with a cinnamon spiced finishing note.     

This coffee is part of the 'Farm Gate' program from our friends at The Coffee Shrub, which means they have negotiated directly with the farmer, and guarantee prices that are at least 50%, and often more than 100%, over fair trade.

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Photo: Inside the drying rooms at the farm of Emilio Chasoiy. Cover: Sunset at Church San Francisco de Paula in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brazil.