Congo Umoja Wetu

Congo Umoja Wetu


This is our first from The Congo and we’re excited about this offering. "Umoja Wetu" is the local word for "Our Unity", a name adopted by the main South Kivu coffee producer group who contributed to this lot. Umoja Wetu consists of farmers from a cluster of towns who are growing an array of crops including coffee for the local market and export. In some cases, coffee cultivation is a newer venture, and this year will see the erection of two small wet processing sites in the region by a Uganda based coffee exporter focused on increasing quality and productivity, as well as providing farmer training, and offering incentives to farmers based on coffee quality. The altitude ranges from 1400 - 1700 meters above sea level, and most of the coffee growing is heirloom bourbon types.

Our roast brings out prune/date type of fruited flavors, as well as a thin layer of bittersweet cocoa that fits right in with a cinnamon powder note in the finish.

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Photo: Hard-working hands of the farm.  Cover: View of a volcano in Virunga National Park.