Java Sunda Gunung Cimanong

Java Sunda Gunung Cimanong


Our first from the Indonesian island of Java is from the peak of Cimanong in West Java. In Java there is a tradition of wet processing, and they are able to produce coffees without much of the earth tones that come with wet-hulling that you see in places like Sumatra. This produces a clean cup of coffee, still complex and with outstanding body.

Our roast has earthy-sweet aroma the ground coffee. The smells span a range of molasses sugars, toffee candy, and chocolate roast tones. As earth tones aren't so present in the cup, bittersweet dark sugars and unsweetened baking chocolate creates a nice backdrop with notes of almond and toffee. This coffee is great as pour over, and will work great in a French Press. 

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Photo:  Dried parchment coffee.  Cover: Farmer in Java, Indonesia