Kenya Nyeri Kagumoini

Kenya Nyeri Kagumoini


Kagumoini is a coffee mill that is part of the Mugaga Farmer's Cooperative Society. Situated at 1600 meters in altitude, with red volcanic soils, it’s perfectly suited for coffee, and other crops including tea, corn, and bananas. The quality of coffee produced at this mill is very high season after season. As with other good coops in Nyeri, farmers separate the ripeness of the coffee cherry before submitting it for processing, removing under-ripes that create astringency in the cup. Small things like this make a huge difference in the resulting coffee.

Our roast is a bright, medium body, with a citrus punch up-front and cooking spices in the finish (think cardamom, cinnamon).

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Photo: Turning the parchment coffee at Kagomuini Mill.  Cover: Safari drive with wildebeest in Kenya.