Peru El Palto Dry Process

Peru El Palto Dry Process


The El Palto cooperative is a certified Fair Trade and Organic coop that's operated in the Amazonian Andes since 2003.  The cooperative, of nearly 200 members, is well-managed, investing in both the farms and the families of farmers.  The coffee is dry processed, which means the coffee cherry has been harvested and laid to dry ~30 days before being processed with the whole cherry left intact during the process.  Being a dry processed coffee, our roast has fun, fruit flavors, reminiscent of dried cranberries and strawberries, with strong chocolate and red wine overtones in the finish.  The flavor gets brighter as it cools in your cup.

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Photo:  Peruvian men transfer bags filled with coffee cherries.  Cover: Mountain and valley scene in the Andes.