Peru Huabal La Esperanza

Peru Huabal La Esperanza


La Esperanza is the name of the village where this coffee comes from. Made up from coffees of several different farmers in La Esperanza, this blend represents some of the higher scoring coffees from many of the small holders in this region. Altitude averages around 1750 meters and cultivars grown are typically Caturra, with some Typica and Bourbon mixed in.

Our roast has an impressive, buoyant body and cup flavors are centered around light brown sugar and milk chocolate, with a mild raisin/dried dark fruit finishing note .

This coffee is part of the 'Farm Gate' program from our friends at The Coffee Shrub, which means they have negotiated directly with the farmer, and guarantee prices that are at least 50%, and often more than 100%, over fair trade.

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Photo:  Barrel roasters at one of the cooperatives.  Cover: Mountain and valley scene in the Andes.