Papua New Guinea Kuta Waghi Peaberry

Papua New Guinea Kuta Waghi Peaberry


This coffee is from the Kuta coffee mill in the Waghi District of Papua New Guinea. The coffee processed at the mill are from smaller coffee plantations in the area situated at just under 1600 meters above sea level on the low end. It's a wet processed coffee, meaning the coffee cherry and much of the fruit are stripped from the seed using depulping machinery, and then the seed still covered in sticky mucilage is submerged in water tanks where it ferments overnight, breaking down the remaining outer layer of fruit. 

Kuta Waghi is a bodied coffee, and both body and sweetness are showcased nicely when using full immersion methods like French Press. Our roast has slight dark berry notes that plays well off an emergent bittering unsweetened cocoa powder flavor.  

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Photo:  Cherries passing through the wet mill. Cover: Mountainous landscape and trees in morning in the Digne in Kubor range, Papua New Guinea.