Sulawesi Organic Wet Hulled Bittuang Estate

Sulawesi Organic Wet Hulled Bittuang Estate


The site that this estate rests on is an old coffee farm in Bittuang that dates back to the 1940s. Through the years, the coffee that was planted here was abandoned and the unmanaged land became overgrown with forest. In the late 1980s the land was purchased by a private agriculture business in Toraja who rehabilitated the land and planted in Typica, Jember and Catimor types. The farm spans an altitude range of 1500 - 1700 meters above sea level. This is a wet hulled coffee, also known as "giling basah". This processing method is often related to collector systems where coffee buyers go out to the surrounding small farmers and buy parchment coffee when it is still wet (around 40-50% moisture) and then dry the rest of the way at their own facility. The flavor that it imparts tends to be intensely rustic (not so much the case for this lot), big bodied, and low acidity.

Our roast is big bodied, low acid cup though, due in part to the wet hulled process technique. The dry fragrance has a leathery, savory-sweet smell to it, with a banana peel hint and burned sugar pungency.

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Photo:  Hand crank depulper used by small farmers in Sulawesi; Cover: Klabat mountain, Sulawesi