The Thrill Of Discovery!


A big part of why drinking, and ultimately, roasting coffee has always been so fun for me is the thrill of discovering a new taste, a new region, a new farm, or a new farmer. Coffee is, after all, a natural product and constantly changing.  With every new growing season, processing method, and of course, roasting practice, coffee will continue to surprise you. One year, at one farm, Ethiopian can be a big blueberry blast in the face, and the next a tangerine dream!  A dry processed Peruvian can knock you out with rustic sweetness and big bold flavors but a fully washed wet process from the same area will come at you with a clean lemony splash.  And all of the coffees can give you these and a multitude of other flavors with the smallest change in roast time or temperature. So many variables, so little time!  I am always excited to try a new coffee, try a new roasting regime, or try a new brewing method. I liken it to my time rock climbing, always looking for a new route or just the next hold. Or fishing a new river, constantly eager to see what is around the next bend! Iā€™m sure many of you feel this same way and hope you will continue to join me on this discovery quest with coffee. Blue Lava will continue to find those special coffee offerings, roast them in a way we think brings out the best of the bean, and share them with you. You probably will never get the same coffee twice here, but we promise you will always get great coffee, from great farms and great people!

Thank you, Dan